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          13 Answer completed
          this is a secret
          S*n , 일반
          2023-02-07 04:51
          Views 1
          12 Answer completed
          Hi! I didn't receive a confirmation email after purchasing my ticket. Could you check it please? My order number: 2023012620341917530
          Z*k , 일반
          2023-01-26 20:51
          Views 56
          11 Answer completed
          Hi i just realised i didnt receive an order confirmation for my order could you please send me one thank you :) order number: 2021120500040517540 also will i be sent a ticket by email or do i just sho...
          R*n , 일반
          2022-09-02 07:21
          Views 199
          10 Answer completed
          Hi, After purchasing tickets for the concert, I did not receive an email confirmation. Could I get a confirmation from you please? My order number is: 2022080104114317533. Thank you!
          S*k , 일반
          2022-08-03 17:43
          Views 235
          9 Answer completed
          Hello, I bought two VIP tickets for the concert in Paris. I would have liked to know, what proof will have to be shown in order to be able to access the concert and the fan sign? Thank you in advance ...
          A*t , 일반
          2022-07-12 04:43
          Views 268
          8 Answer completed
          Hello, I am awaiting a confirmation email regarding my purchase. Order number: 2022050203431517530. Please get back to me soon. Thanks!
          G*i , 일반
          2022-05-14 21:46
          Views 277
          7 Answer completed
          Hello, i have a question, is there any way to upgrade my ticket from GOLD to VIP? If so, how much would I have to pay for the difference? Thank you very much in advance
          L*s , 일반
          2022-01-10 08:53
          Views 444
          6 Answer completed
          Hello, I ordered 2 Vip Tickets for the Concert in Cologne but haven’t gotten an Order Confirmation yet, will they be sent at a different time or did the Mail not get through to my email? In case of th...
          M*h , 일반
          2021-12-06 08:36
          Views 334
          5 Answer waiting
          this is a secret
          j*e , 일반
          2019-10-16 11:22
          Views 0
          4 Answer waiting
          Hello. My order number is 2019100820515317616. Can you send me a confirmation email. I can't find the email from this purchase. Thank you!
          N*s , 일반
          2019-10-11 15:46
          Views 662
          3 Answer waiting
          What date is this on as it says the 12th of December on the photo and in the info but when buying a ticket it comes up as the 13th of december so I'm confused about what the real date is.
          L*y , 일반
          2019-10-08 12:13
          Views 585
          2 Answer waiting
          [Englisch Trans.] hey, i have a question related to the argon concert and workshop in germany. [DUSSELDORF]ARGON 2019 EUROPEAN TOUR + [DUSSELDORF]ARGON 2019 EUROPEAN TOUR - WORKSHOP I know that it got...
          E*n , 일반
          2019-10-03 06:34
          Views 476
          1 Answer waiting
          What is the difference between the workshop and performance?
          I*a , 일반
          2019-09-30 18:57
          Views 466

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